Zeah Dental Hospital Director Donates to LCIF

Read on for more about how the director of the Zeah Dental Hospital made a $2,000 donation to the LCIF.

On December 13th, Young-ho Kang, the Director of Zeah Dental Hospital located in Gangnam City, Seoul, South Korea donated $2,000 to the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) – the largest service club organization in the world – for the socially disadvantaged people suffering from disasters and diseases.

Director Kang said, “Due to the decrease in the number of volunteers from COVID-19, people in need are dying without even getting the chance of receiving basic medical support. I couldn’t turn myself away from them and felt it was my duty to help. So I’ve decided to donate to LCIF.”

Director Kang is serving as the head of the medical team of International Cross Culture Foundation (ICCF) and continues to contribute to society by providing medical expenses and free medical support to the socially disadvantaged people, including the seniors living alone and financially burdened citizens.

For his contribution, Director Kang won the Minister of Health and Welfare Award at the ‘2020 Korea Social Contribution Awards.’

Director Kang had graduated from Dental College at Seoul National University which is the top university in South Korea, and earned his Doctorate degree in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery at Seoul National University’s Graduate School of Dentistry.


LCIF is an international relief organization with 48,000 clubs and 1.4 million members worldwide that helps international refugees and especially socially disadvantaged people suffering from disasters and diseases.


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