Woman who flew to Turkey and spent thousands on veneers warned by her dentist

A woman who travelled almost three thousand miles away from home to get a new set of teeth has been warned by her dentist following the £3,000 procedure. Jak Reid has been trolled ever since she flew out to Turkey to get her veneers.

After sharing the results of the procedure, she was issued with a stark warning from a dental expert – on TikTok. The woman says critics branded her “silly” for jetting abroad and getting her teeth done.

She also claimed some critics had slammed her as a “wee girl” with “no brain”. She was told by a dentist: “I’m just going to say this, I know you’re not going to want to hear this. A lot of tissue’s been removed here… there’s not much else you can go from here apart from implants.”

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“This was my lovely dentist giving me advice, my teeth are fine. I knew going into this the risks,” she said. She forked out £3,500 for new white crowns and flights to Turkey, where she stayed while she was having the procedure done.

She said: “I’ve had veneers for 6-7 years. I have five years warranty for breakdown and damage. If you take proper care, they can last 15-25 years. I already had root canals on my front teeth. I researched places for two years.”

She added: “My teeth weren’t actually healthy. I already had root canal in the front teeth and I already had veneers, so I didn’t actually ruin healthy teeth. My teeth were already f*****.”

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