Woman claims she cries ‘Crystal Tears’ every day | Maya Devi

A woman is having a hard time as she started crying painful ‘crystal tears’ after going to the dentist.

Satenik Kazaryan, a woman in her early twenties, claimed that she cries up to 50 jagged-edged tears every day, causing her immense pain and making her life a ‘living hell’. She shared that it started when she was at the dentist’s and felt dust had gotten into her eyes. But when she consulted an ophthalmologist, a few pieces of crystals were removed from her eyes.

Initially, Kazaryan’s family thought the ‘crystals’ were glasses from when she worked on the family’s farm. But doctors told them that the woman’s body was producing ‘crystals’.

Although medications helped contain the situation initially, the tears appeared more frequently after that. Doctors who looked into her condition reported that they had never encountered such a case and one of them even thought Satenik was faking it.


A leading Moscow eye specialist added that Satenik’s condition is possible theoretically but the crystal tears would have been smaller and injured her eyes. This drove the doubts of a Professor at the Armenian Republican Ophthalmological Centre. She later claimed that the ‘crystal tears’ seemed to be made of glass. According to her, if they were glass, she claimed Satenik was placing glass pieces in her eyes and, later, bringing them out as tears. She also added that Satenik might suffer from Munchausen Syndrome, a mental condition in which a person pretends to have a health issue to gain attention.

However, other doctors who took a close look at the crystals confirmed that they aren’t fake. Some doctors think that ‘crystallization’ can occur when the salt concentration in the body increases. The crystals are being examined to understand the condition better.


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