Wolverhampton dentist nominated for prestigious award

Nominated for Best Young Dentist of the Year award, Dr Chetan Sharma, at Dudley Road, Wolverhampton..

Dr Chetan Sharma, 30, who was born in Darlaston, has been nominated at the Dentistry Awards, the highest accolade of award in the dental industry.

After graduating from the University of Manchester in 2016, Dr Sharma decided he wanted to practice back home, and since then, he has grown both in his career but also taken that to the next level by having a popular social media presence which has helped him grow a following of over 15,000.

The awards will be held at The Athena in Leicester, on Friday, November 25.

If Dr Sharma, who is based at the Dudley Road Dental Practice in Wolverhampton, wins the award for best young dentist in the Midlands, he will then be forwarded onto the shortlist for best young dentist nationally.

Dr Chetan Sharma

This is not his first award or nomination though, Dr Sharma already possesses an array of awards and certificates, including The Diploma of Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh), and Diploma in Contemporary Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry.

One of his biggest skills is being ‘Dental Phobia Certified’, meaning Dr Sharma is recognised to have experience treating phobic patients, making them feel at ease when in the dentist chair, something he is proud to possess.

Speaking about his award nomination, and his love for dentistry, he said: “Extremely magical things happen when you love what you do for a living, and I fortunately class myself as one of those blessed individuals who absolutely adores and dedicates every second, minute and hour towards Dentistry – my passion.

“I am the most driven and ambitious dentist you will ever meet, who has achieved success through pure love of this industry. I absorb every element of my career. Setting up on my own as a one-man band put me at the beating heart of my work – although, to me, it is not work, it is my life. I have a clear vision of where my commitment to dentistry will continue to take me.

“I have realized that dreams don’t work, unless you do, and I have worked exceptionally hard for years tirelessly in wait of the right moment to apply for these prestigious awards.”

Dr Sharma set up a company called ‘Clear Smiles’, where he provides a treatment called Invisalign, and where he works as a specialist cosmetic dental surgeon.

He added: “My main drive and forte within dentistry is Invisalign, something that we are very proud of. We single-handedly built the organisation Clear Smiles, which is based in the Midlands and it is the go-to cosmetic and Invisalign practice, and we pride ourselves on becoming something known as the Elite Apex provider, meaning we are the in the top one per cent provider in the whole of Europe, Middle East and Africa, for two years consecutively.

“Even though we provide ourselves on the quantity of Invisalign, we never compromise on quality.

“I go above and beyond any healthcare professional I know to look after my patients. They are my everything. Patients contact me directly, and I will drop everything in a heartbeat to help them.

“I am a hands on, personal dentist. I know how important it is to build a solid and trusting relationship between dentist and patient. I tactfully ask patients their favourite musicians, and my nurse will play the music for them during their consultation and treatment.

“I sometimes sing and dance with patients – a personal touch you are unlikely to find elsewhere. It helps keep them at ease and build on our relationship. I remember everything about my patients as I listen – I even bring in cake for their birthday, coffee or flowers for a special occasion.

“It never feels like work when you adore what you do. My ‘why’ in life and USP is purely building relationships. I have even dropped patients off at the train station and answered their calls/messages at late hours.

“Dentistry is a passion of mine, that I live, eat and breath every single second, minute and hour of the day.

“My soul purpose and why in life, is to provide a bespoke level of service to my patients.”

Dr Chetan Sharma, at Dudley Road, Wolverhampton

Regardless if he wins the award, Dr Sharma plans to open his own private surgery in the future, and will continue to strive to learn more and more about dentistry.

He said: “I shall always be in pursuit of knowledge to become the best clinician I can be for my patients.

“Dentistry encompasses lifelong learning and I love education – no one has been on more dental courses than I have! I too would love to teach and influence other dentists – I want to pass on my knowledge and give a platform to younger dentists.

“My future plans and goals are huge. Now that I have created a brand like Clear Smiles, my aim is to create something special, a legacy, something that UK dentistry hasn’t seen before. In the midst of running the rent a room, I am trying my very best to open a practice in the near future.

“I am assertive with the ethos we have and how we treat patients and take clinical standards serious, that this will become to go-to cosmetic dental practice in the Midlands. I will keep on striving to be the best, and I want the franchise to be known for its splendid customer service while becoming the leading provider for Invisalign in the UK.

“Apart from this I want to continue on the platform of teaching and lecturing, and be a beacon of light for young dentists, showing them that anything is possible, while opening one-on-one mentorship opportunities.”


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