Westbury dentist offers children money for leftover treats in annual Halloween Candy Buyback Program

A Westbury dentist is trying to convince children to ditch their Halloween candy for cash.

During November, Dr. Glen Ehrenman will pay a dollar a pound for leftover treats.

The doctor’s annual Halloween Candy Buyback Program is returning this year after a pandemic pause.

“The incentive is to give them some money so they can hopefully put it in their piggybanks and teach them good oral hygiene,” Ehrenman says.

He says he knows children will eat candy on Halloween but wants them to have as few pieces as possible to avoid cavities and toothaches.

Ehrenman says chocolate does not usually cause problems, but the gooey and sticky candies could be a problem.

Michael Virga, 9, says he is OK with giving away his leftover candy. “Who doesn’t like money?” he said.

Ehrenman donates the candy to shelters, pediatric wards of hospitals and soup kitchens

He estimates he has paid out around $4,000 in the two decades he has been buying back candy.

Other dentists across Long Island are also offering similar candy buyback programs.


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