UP dentist flosses into cavity prevention

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) – Eating sweet treats and not brushing properly could land you with a cavity.

Staff at the John Fornetti Dental Center in Iron Mountain say the calcification, or the softness of your teeth, may determine how likely you are to develop cavities.

“Enamel is the outer layer of the tooth. It’s like the armor for the tooth,” said Dr. John Fornetti, Fornetti Dental Center owner. “For If there are imperfections in the armor, cavities can get started more easily.”

Fornetti says a cavity does not form overnight. Instead, he says it can take weeks or months depending on tooth strength and dental care. Because of this, there’s no “cavity season.” That’s despite the increase in sweet foods during fall and winter.

“Plaque are really bacteria. It’s bacteria that lives on our teeth. The plaque comes from the food we eat,” said Fornetti. “What happens is the bacteria breaks the food down and helps us with digestion. When that happens, a bi-product of that process is acid. Acid is the reason we get cavities.”

Fornetti says in a perfect world you should brush your teeth after every meal. In reality, he stresses you should brush at least in the morning and evening. He says many people forget to floss.

“If we are going ahead and brushing, but we are not cleaning between the teeth, we are missing a third of the tooth,” said Fornetti.

Fornetti says the most common teeth to get cavities are the hard-to-reach molars. He says people should avoid sugary treats like soda regularly throughout the day without brushing.

“It’s very acidic,” concluded Fornetti. “So, it is ripe for making cavities.”

Fornetti says parents should ensure their children brush regularly before bed and in the morning to avoid the extra cost of a cavity filling.


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