Ulrich Merkle of formestudio designs a new energy-saving dental device for Dürr Dental proving that a trip to the dentist can be more sustainable than one might believe

Stuttgart, Germany

Tyscor VS 4 by Ulrich Merkle of formestudio is a lighter, more durable, permanently running surgery device for Dürr Dental SE that implements an innovative concept rooted in sustainability, both through its design and materiality.

A trip to the dentist rarely leads to questions of sustainability, but just as in any industry, there is potential for improving material production and energy efficiency in all products. 

Taking this as a starting point, Dürr Dental SE asked Ulrich Merkle of formestudio to design a new dental suction machine that is more sustainable and saves more energy than previous models.

Tyscor VS 4 has recently been awarded a 2022 Green GOOD DESIGN Sustainability Award by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

Its most important improvement is the application of a radial fan whose compact design with its digital speed control adjustment significantly saves on energy consumption in comparison with common axial fans, which are also louder and heavier.

The integrated electronic control system regulates and monitors all components and enables remote maintenance functions.

With the new design, the opportunity was seized to turn away from traditional metal constructions and to pursue new ways with a much lighter construction using materials that require less energy during production. 

This was realized with a fully closed foam housing made with Expanded Polypropylene (EPP), commonly used in bicycle helmets, and applied for the first time for a dental device series for this design.

The foam is very stable but lightweight and requires very little energy in production. 

More precisely, the foam consists of 90% air, and the remaining 10% is fully recyclable. 

Its innovative concept simplifies assembling with many pre-formed elements. 

The material includes noise absorption characteristics and reduces transport and handling expenses because of its lightness.

Finally, in order to be really recyclable, the components can be disassembled easily. 

The foam housing enables a sophisticated design with more organic surfaces, reflecting a modern understanding of medicine and emphasising its uniqueness.  

The design is now the eye-catcher in the market, as the contemporary competitive products are still dominated by solutions with simple iron-casted housings.

Project: Tyscor VS 4
Designers: Ulrich Merkle, formestudio, Stuttgart, Germany
Manufacturer: Dürr Dental SE., Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany
Images Courtesy of the Designers


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