Titze Family Marks 70 Years of Dentistry in Watertown | Local News

In 1952, Dr. Leo Titze, a young Navy veteran and newly licensed dentist, set up shop in Watertown. Now, 70 years later, his son, Dr. Grant Titze, is still ensuring healthy smiles in the city.

Grant Titze has been practicing dentistry in Watertown since 1981, making it a remarkable seven continuous decades of Titze dentistry. After getting his DDS degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the younger Titze came home to practice alongside his father.

They worked together at the Northside Clinic along with Drs. Mac Miller and Glenn Haugen. The father-son duo treated patients together for five years before the elder Titze retired in 1986 at age 63. He passed away in 2002.

Grant Titze, a 1973 Watertown High School graduate, said he was fortunate to work with his father as a young dentist.

To this day, he still treats patients who were also patients of his father. He’s been told he and his father share some similarities.

Today, Grant is at the age where he, too, is pondering retirement in a couple of years. He and his wife, Deb, have two children, their spouses and three grandchildren whom they want to visit more, and they want to enjoy their home on Lake Kampeska.

He’s had a long, successful career in Watertown, but he will always treasure the years he spent working with his father. And he says his father felt the same way.

In September 2019, Dr. Titze moved his dental practice to the Family Dental Center, joining Drs. Ross Schulte and Erika Zink.


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