Tips On How to Relish a Cavity-Free Diwali

It is about time to abandon your restrictive diets and indulge in the treats and delicacies of the festival of lights. Diwali brings with it the aroma of sweets and chocolates. One of the key Diwali customs is delivering gifts, and sweets are frequently given as gifts to families and friends.

It is an ideal time to savour all the mithais and pay heed to your sweet cravings. We hope you have all the desserts and sweets you wish to, but remember to take care of your dental health as well. Excessive sugar consumption causes toothaches and the last thing we want is an appointment with the dentist. Here are some tips by Lt Gen Dr. Vimal Arora, Chief Clinical Officer, Clove Dental to ensure your teeth remain fit for this festive season and you get to savour all those delish desserts.

Make it a routine to brush twice daily

No matter what, daily tooth brushing should be a part of your routine. With Diwali approaching, brushing should be a need to counteract the increased sugar consumption. Brush as soon as you wake up and right before you go to bed as our teeth are kept free of bacteria and cavities by frequent brushing. Just like brushing your teeth, you should also brush your tongue. Flossing ensures that there are no remaining concealed pathogens.

Avoid fizzy drinks and keep yourself hydrated

With time, excessive use of carbonated beverages might cause our teeth to become more sensitive. It’s not good for the layers of our teeth and we should avoid them as much as possible. Additionally, it’s important to drink a lot of water, especially during the Diwali season when we like to eat a lot of sweets. Water keeps our mouths salivating and flushes out bacteria.

Make a dentist visit before the season

It is better to be safe and prepared as Diwali is just around the corner. No one wants a bad toothache during festival time. Visit your dentist right away to put your mind at ease and let the dentist do a thorough examination that cannot be done at home. Following a thorough examination and resolution of any issues by the dentist, you can continue with your festive activities without any concern.

Rinse regularly and eat accordingly

Remember to rinse your mouth out as often as you can, especially throughout the festive season. Try to rinse your mouth after every sweet treat you consume to prevent the formation of a sugar coating on your teeth and damage to the outer covering. Limit your intake of sweets and avoid snacking on them throughout the day. Eat some fruits to counteract your sugar intake.

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