This Portland dentist will pay kids to give up their Halloween candy

Kids can get $1 for every pound of “cavity-provoking” sweets they give up

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A downtown Portland dentist is offering cash for candy. She hopes this incentive will help keep cavities out of kids’ mouths. 

This is the eighth year Aspire Dental has hosted its Candy Buy Back event. It’s returning after taking a couple years off during the pandemic. 

“Trick or Treaters can bring their candy to the Aspire Dental office and get $1 for every pound of cavity-provoking sweets they give up,” the dentist Dr. Lisa Kakishita wrote in a press release. 

For 2022, several local businesses have partnered with Aspire Dental to create goodie bags and prize baskets that will be raffled off to the participating children’s schools.

There are several prizes including Oaks Park skating passes, tickets to the Wiggle Room Indoor Playground, and other gift cards. 

Kakishita said global sugar consumption for kids increases by about 2% annually. She said the cash for candy program encourages preventative care without ruining the fun of Halloween. 

“It is important for us at Aspire Dental to educate our community on the risk of overconsumption of sugar and how it can affect their kids’ teeth long term,” she said. 

Aspire Dental recently posted several tips on social media on how kids can protect their teeth around Halloween. 

First, the dentist recommends drinking water after eating candy to help shorten the amount of time the sugar stays on teeth. 

Second, avoid sticky or chewy candies. These cling to teeth and are harder for saliva to wash away. 

Third, always brush and floss before bed – especially after a night of trick-or-treating. 

Aspire Dental will collect candy at its location at 511 SW 10th Ave. #902 in Portland. Kids are invited to come by from 7:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. 


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