The story of how an army dentist valiantly saved the lives of dozens of soldiers | Ingram Atkinson

What is the most interesting way someone has died? This man’s story is out of a fairytale. 

Ben SalomonPhoto byCongress Medal of Honor Society

This person is Ben Solomon, who served as an American army dentist during World War II. Ben offered to serve as a frontline surgeon in a battle against Japan because no one in the army actually required a dentist and one of the frontline surgeons was hurt. 

Ben was tending to wounded soldiers inside the medical tent during that combat when he unexpectedly noticed two Japanese soldiers enter. The dentist quickly reached for his bayonet and dispatched them, but he soon understood that the defensive line had collapsed and that Japanese soldiers would soon swarm the medical tent.

Ben instantly ordered the other doctors to take the injured to safety. He stayed behind, but American soldiers did. Around 15 hours later, when the American troops went back to retake the area, they discovered his dead body lying next to a machine gun

But they also discovered 98 dead Japanese soldiers’ bodies stacked up in front of him. He managed to have one of the greatest last stands in history despite being a dentist with no prior fighting experience.

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