Tennessee dentist’s office adds therapy dog | Good News

The dentist’s office can be a scary place, especially for kids, but in Tennessee, Dr. Marissa Sandidge found an adorable solution.

She and her team at East Nashville Pediatric Dentistry added a new member that’s been spreading smiles around the office: a friendly therapy dog.

Milo has been a valuable member of Dr. Sandidge’s team, calming kids by distracting them from the scary sounds of drills and tools.

Milo is a certified therapy furry friend with a big personality. He helps by staying calm amid the chaos and keeping kids company while they have dental work done.

The kids love Milo.

Dr. Sandidge says the inspiration came from the level of care she saw child patients received in hospitals. She says that while she wishes she could have a child life specialist walking around her office at all times, Milo has been doing the trick.

Dr. Sandidge says adding Milo to her team has been so successful that some of her practice’s patients now even say they actually look forward to going to the dentist. 


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