Research shows Coventry among the cities searching most for doctor and dentist appointments

COVENTRY has the ninth highest demand for doctors and dentists out of the 25 biggest UK cities, according to Google search data analysis.

The analysis was conducted by cosmetic dentistry provider Longevita and measured how many monthly Google searches for doctors and dentists are made per 100,000 people in each city.

Coventry has 1,606 searches per 100,000 people, which is 15 per cent higher than the average, and there are an estimated 5,090 searches made each month in the city, with just under four in five searches made for doctors.

The city also has the seventh highest demand for doctors and the eighteenth for dentists.

Reading finished top of the list with 2,256 searches a month per 100,000 people, while Edinburgh, Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham, Leicester, Liverpool and London also finished above Coventry.

A Longevita spokesperson said: “Amid fears of a winter NHS squeeze, characterised by difficulty getting a doctor’s appointment and long ambulance wait times, we are seeing an increase in people searching for private medical care online.

“For those that can afford private medical care, it can be a lifeline to those in need of a quick appointment.

“Google Trends data reveals that demand has swelled threefold over the last ten years, with dentists and doctors in need across the country.”


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