PVIA to continue using fluoride as normal in water | News

The Poteau Valley Improvement Authority board, after listening to local dentist Kendra Yandell and LeFlore County Health Department Regional Director of Health Juli Montgomery about the importance of fluoride in water, voted to keep its current use of fluoride, making sure it’s at 0.7 parts per million, during Tuesday night’s November board meeting at Poteau City Hall.

“I’ve been in dentistry for a little while, and the benefits of fluoridation are multiple,” Yandell said. “The crystalline structure in our teeth and enamel has calcium in it. Fluoride can replace that calcium and makes the tooth more resistant to acid breakdown. We eat food, and when it combines with the bacteria in our mouth, there’s this acid byproduct — and that leads to decay. If we can make the enamel more resistant to that breakdown, it prevents decay.”


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