Oxford Recovery Center in Brighton reveals $12M expansion

BRIGHTON — A major expansion at the Oxford Recovery Center promises to offer children with autism safe and controlled experiences in “real-world” situations.

Officials with the organization say The Village of ORC at the Oxford Recovery Center, the first such center in the United States, is designed to bring therapy and hands-on experience together for those who struggle with person-to-person interactions. 

Founder and CEO Tami Peterson said the objective is to create real-world scenarios for children and young adults so they will know how to behave when confronted with similar circumstances in everyday life.

“We created the real world environment the best we could,” Peterson said. “Kids with autism deserve the best and we really do believe that and practice that.”

Peterson said children with autism don’t interpret the difference between real and fake situations well, so it’s difficult for them to pretend.

The organization hosted a grand opening on Saturday, June 11 at 7030 Whitmore Lake Road. The $12-million, 35,000-square-foot building took more than a year to complete.  

The Oxford Recovery Center received a 35,000 square foot expansion in the form of an indoor village on Tuesday, June 7, 2022.

“I’ll get emotional. I was in awe to be able to move into this building. I literally never thought we would use it. God says he always makes things more immeasurably beyond our belief. I say I dream small, God dreams big,” Peterson said. “He gave me the vision. I never believed that this was planned. I get to watch people get their lives back every day and God chose me to do this. Clearly he does not choose people who are equipped he equips those he chooses.”


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