Norwich My Dentist practice shuts earlier than expected

2:38 PM November 3, 2022

The shutters are down at a city centre dental practice which has closed nearly two months earlier than expected.

My Dentist in Upper Goat Lane had originally sent letters to patients in October stating it was shutting on Saturday, December 31.

But the practice has already closed with no appointments being taken over the phone.

A staff member confirmed: “There is no one in the practice.

“It is looking like the date in the letter which was sent out has been brought forward.

“There are no available appointments and all the dentist diaries have now closed.” 

The practice had been unable to recruit other dentists in the area.

The shutters are up at My Dentist in Upper Goat Lane

– Credit: Ben Hardy

One patient at the practice who has been affected by the closure is 69-year-old Mick Colman who lives in Hercules Road in Hellesdon. 

He is currently ringing around other NHS practices in the city as he requires treatment.

Mr Colman said: “I had some work done in early October with three temporary fillings put in but two of them have fallen out.

“I was sent the letter on the 24th about the practice closing so I went along on the chance of an emergency appointment and the place was completely shut down.

“I rang them up and a lady answered straightaway. She told me they had closed and I was told I would have to ring around NHS practices or go private.”

Mick Colman who was a patient at My Dentist in Upper Goat Lane 

Mick Colman who was a patient at My Dentist in Upper Goat Lane

– Credit: Contributed

Mr Colman attempted to ring the My Dentist practice in Barrack Street but the retired man said he was unable to get through to anyone on Thursday.

A letter sent to patients in October – which has been shared with the Evening News – said the decision to close the practice was not taken lightly.

It stated: “Unfortunately, difficulties experienced in recruiting dentists to the area and increased running costs have prevented the practice from operating sustainably.

“Please be assured that if you are currently undergoing a course of dental treatment, this will be completed at the practice by December 31, 2022.”

The letter concluded by apologising to patients for the closure and thanked them for supporting the practice.


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