Newtown Township man admits to killing father Gregory Kurman in their home

Bucks County Judge Charissa Liller posed a question to the 22-year-old man standing before her Thursday.  

Why did he kill the father who according to family members loved him unconditionally? Did he have any explanation, any reason, for stabbing Gregory Kurman seven times in the neck in their Newtown Township home earlier this year. 

Jordan Kurman mumbled something between long pauses before offering a two-word answer.

“I don’t,” he said.

His voice offered not a hint of emotion. It was a dramatic contrast to the muffled sobs and open weeping inside the Doylestown courtroom where Kurman pleaded guilty to third-degree murder and four other related charges in the death of his 49-year-old father. 

The murder of Kurman, a father of two, who married his childhood sweetheart, and a beloved dentist, stunned friends, colleagues and patients at his Philadelphia practice where his generous nature never any inkling of the family’s private struggles with their oldest child.   


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