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Mother’s Day is nearly here and with it comes a time to celebrate our moms or other female figures in our lives. 

Moms do a lot and it’s evident by the responses we got from Sturgis Public Schools kindergarteners regarding what’s the hardest part of being a mom. 

At Wenzel Elementary, kindergartener Jeremias said the hardest part of being a mom is cleaning because his little brother is always making a mess. 

“She cleans in the kitchen and he makes a mess in the living room,” Jeremias said. “Then when she cleans the living room, he makes a mess in the kitchen.” 

Charles, also a kindergartener at Wenzel, would agree cleaning is the hardest part of being a mom, especially doing the dishes. 

“Sometimes she drops the dishes,” he said. 

Ainsley, at Wall Elementary, also agreed cleaning is the hardest part, but said she helps her mom. 


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