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Dentistry has come a long way in the past 25 years and Dr. Akeia Everett is on the cutting edge of the new procedures. She practices at Grandover Village Dental Care, which opened Sept. 26. 

“This is a corporate business that is opening offices all over the Triad,” Everett said. “My husband’s job brought us to the Greensboro area and I was excited to find this company.”

Everett always knew she wanted to be in the healthcare profession and considered all avenues before settling on dentistry. 

“My personal dentist served as a mentor, allowing me to shadow her and helping me make this decision,” she said.

Everett grew up in Woodbridge, Va. She attended George Mason University and Howard University College of Dentistry. She noted that in spite of the advances in dental care there is still a large misconception about its importance.

“Anything that enters the mouth enters the bloodstream,” she said. “Dental care (good or bad) affects all parts of the body. It is not true that people should lose their teeth as they age. Education plays an important part in helping people care for and keep their teeth.”

Today, dentists spend more time on patient education and measures that strengthen the tooth and reduces the number of dental emergencies. 

Dr. Akeia Everett, right, discusses patient care with business assistant Natoshia Stone.

“The goal of a dentist is to avid excessive dentistry,” Everett said. “The less we have to do the better.”

Everett believes that digital technology has brought about the biggest changes in dental care. There is no longer any need for what she calls “goopy” procedures because scans can be used to make impressions.  

Other improvements include Invisalign®, clear aligners that can move crooked teeth and close gaps without using metal brackets or wires. This is especially popular with adults. Modern day dental implants crowns, bridges, or dentures look exactly like real teeth and are incredibly durable.

Composite fillings, unlike amalgam filings of the past, come in shades that match natural teeth and will not crack them.

In addition to all these, Everett also handles teeth whitening, root canals and extractions when needed.

She currently has two hygienists that work with her, as well as an office staff that keeps the practice running smoothly.

“We hope to get an additional dentist and more hygienists so we can handle patients faster,” Everett said. “I am excited to be here and enjoy all the challenges that go with a new practice.” 

Grandover Village Dental Care is currently open Monday – Thursday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Call 336-864-0738 or schedule an appointment online at


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