Mama June’s Ex Sugar Bear Gets Good News About Cancer

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was the TLC series that introduced the world to the family of “Mama June” and Honey Boo Boo after Toddlers and Tiaras ended. The show soon ended itself and evolved on WE tv with a focus on Mama June and her quest for romance. June Shannon has since had run-ins with the law, weight loss makeovers, and found the eventual road to recovery in recent months. Honey Boo Boo has grown from the little pageant girl and is now a teen that’s dating and dealing with the drama of life. And her father, Sugar Bear, narrowly avoided a major health battle amid his major life revamp post-divorce.

According to TMZ, the reality TV father is currently in the midst of a makeover, and a trip to dentist rang alarm bells over a potential cancer diagnosis. After the dentist discovered white spots on his lower gums, Sugar Bear was sent to a cancer specialist to test for the deadly disease.

Given his fondness for chewing tobacco in the past, it shouldn’t be a surprise that he has some adverse health effects. Luckily for Sugar Bear, a biopsy came back negative but did reveal he had a benign tumor in his salivary glands. The reality star will have this removed to avoid it becoming cancerous later.

Part of the reason he’s out getting a makeover and trying to spark a look outlook is due to his breakup with Jennifer Lamb. According to InTouch Weekly, the couple were married in 2016 but were revealed to have split in a private Facebook post.

“I am truly grateful that I got to do six seasons on WeTv with some great people, seen many places, done things I thought I would never get to do, and met some of the most famous people [sic]. Thanks, WeTV for a great career in tv,” Lamb wrote. “Me and Mike have went our different ways, yes it’s hard but we will work through it and we still remain friends.”

Given his single status, Sugar Bear’s makeover and dental hopes make a lot of sense. Now Sugar Bear, real name Mike Thompson, is adding a cancer specialist to his to-do list for his makeover. If it is indeed cancer, his treatment options could be challenging, requiring surgery to remove cancer around the jawbone and neck dissection to remove the lymph nodes and any cancer that may have made its way into the vital pathways. Radiation and chemotherapy could precede the surgery if there is a need to shrink any tumors. Typically it will be used after the surgery to reduce the risk of any cancer coming back.


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