King uses $11,000 on county judge race

Dutch King, candidate for Jefferson County judge, reported that he has collected $12,700 toward his campaign effort and spent a little more than $11,000 of that.

The figures are part of King’s Campaign Contribution and Expenditure Report that he filed on Oct. 27.

The report was due on Tuesday, according to Jefferson County Clerk Shawndra Taggart.

King’s opponent, incumbent Gerald Robinson, had not filed his report as of Thursday afternoon, according to the clerk’s office, where the reports are supposed to be filed.

From there, the reports are made available to the Secretary of State’s office.

Robinson, reached by text, was asked if he had filed his report yet.

“No, I haven’t,” he responded; “it will be tomorrow.”

Taggart said her office takes the reports but that questions about any violation of state campaign finance laws would be handled by the Ethics Commission.

An attempt to reach someone with the Ethics Commission who could better describe the consequences of filing campaign reports late was unsuccessful.

King listed contributions from 42 individuals or businesses, ranging from $25 to $2,000, totaling $12,700, and a balance of funds totaling $1,656.

His expenditures included $3,200 for a campaign catfish fundraiser; $6,331 for campaign signs, cards and supplies; $525 to First Ward Living Grace Food Pantry for “providing access to healthy foods,” and $500 to the Pine Bluff Interested Citizens for Voter Registration’s Jesse Turner for support of a youth program.

King reimbursed himself $161.72 for sign posts and zip ties and another $112.74 for candy and gum for a parade.

He also reimbursed Delton Wright $125.65 for hot dogs and related items for a campaign event at St. John Alexander Tower.

The following entities, including their place of business or occupation, are listed in King’s report, which covers contributions from Mar. 2 of this year to Oct. 25:

$25 Donation

Susanne Chambliss (Retired)

James Alford (Retired)

$50 Donation

Lee Pearce (Arkansas Printing Co.)

Linda McNulty (Retired)

Ellen Haralson (Pool Manager)

Donham Developments (Real Estate Development)

Ronald Puckett (Retired)

Robert Hart (Retired)

William Ervin Rhodes (Retired)

Pauline A. Cherry (Farmer)

William T. Shepherd Jr. (Dentist)

Jane Nixon (Retired)

William T. Shepherd Jr. (Dentist)

Travis Creed (Retired)

Joe Clement (Retired)

$75 Donation

William T. Shepherd (Dentist)

David Pipkin (Farmer)

Tina Owens (Ark. Dept of Corrections)

$100 Donation

Steve Henderson (Farmer)

Martin Carty (Arkansas Arts and Science Center for Southeast Arkansas)

James Donham (Retired)

Fuller Hale-South Funeral Services (Funeral Home)

David Nixon (Medical Doctor)

David Bridgforth (Attorney)

W.C. Bridgforth (Attorney)

Larry Gragg Jr. (Insurance)

$125 Donation

Brown Funeral Home (Funeral Home)

$150 Donation

Larry Gragg Jr. (Insurance)

$200 Donation

Marilyn Blackwell (Retired)

J. Thomas May (Banker)

Scott Abernathy (Farmer)

$250 Donation

Paul Young (Retired)

George A. Lea III (Attorney)

Reid Robertson (Insurance)

$350 Donation

Jerry Riley (State of Arkansas)

$500 Donation

Brantley Irrevocable Family Heritage Trust (Farmers)

$800 Donation

Peavine Farming Co. (Farming Co.)

$1,000 Donation

Don A. Eilbott (Attorney)

$1,200 Donation

@ The Corner (Restaurant)

$1,500 Donation

Felix Smart III (Farmer)

$2,000 Donation

Felix Smart (Farmer)

Relyance Political Action Committee (Political Action Committee)


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