Is This Veneers Story The Next Gorilla Glue Girl? | News

A Twitter thread about a debacle involving “composite veneers” has gone viral, and the story is wild.

Zooted Spitwell, aka @Zoo757, posted a series of tweets on May 19 that broke down the journey that resulted in him having what he calls “cheddar biscuit” teeth. The woman who performed the procedure is disputing his allegations and shared her side of the story on Facebook.

Spitwell’s tweets reveal he wanted to get composite veneers from Essential Grillz, which describes itself as a “teeth jewelry” company in Norfolk, Virginia, according to the company’s website.

“I was thinking of getting my top lip removed just so they can see my teeth all the time. I was ready,” Spitwell said in one of the tweets. “But instead I got these. I didn’t even know veneers could come in yellow.”

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After Spitwell claimed that after he asked the woman to fix his teeth, she told him that he was being “mean” to her.

“This took a huge toll on my mental health,” he wrote in one Tweet. “She put red lobster cheddar biscuits in my mouth, bruh.”

Spitwell then posted a screenshot of messages asking for a refund, but was denied because he signed a consent form, which allegedly stated that he was aware the woman was “not a licensed dentist.”

The woman accused Spitwell of slandering her online.

The thread has since gone viral and was even picked up by TheShadeRoom, where the commenters had jokes. See a recap of what all went down below.


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