I’m a dentist – 10 ways to make your teeth look better and it’s bad news if charcoal toothpaste is your thing

KEEPING your oral health in good condition is a key part of any hygiene routine.

But according to one dentist, it turns out that we’ve been making a variety of mistakes when it comes to keeping our mouth clean and teeth fresh.


Dr Surina Sehgal has taken to TikTok to share the common mistakes you are making with your dental healthCredit: TikTok/@drsurinasehgal

So if you think you know it all when it comes to your dental routine, think again. 

Dr Surina Sehgal posted a TikTok video with the caption ‘Bet ya didn’t know’ where she addresses the mistakes we are making when it comes to our teeth.

Dr Surina said: “10 secrets you wish your dentist told you.

“Don’t rinse your mouth after brushing.

I’m a dentist & these are the common mistakes you're making
Dentist says when you should REALLY brush your teeth - before or after food

“Don’t use charcoal toothpaste.

“You don’t really need a mouthwash.

“Brush your teeth before breakfast, not after.

“Don’t scrub too hard with your toothbrush.

“Use fluoride toothpaste always.

“Drink fizzy drinks through a straw always.

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“Always brush bleeding gums.

“See a dentist even if you aren’t in pain.”

If you’re wondering why you should brush your teeth before breakfast, Dr Surina says: “When you eat your mouth is in an acidic state so you are brushing acid on ur teeth – this could cause erosion over time.” 

And if drinking coke straight from the bottle is your thing, Dr Surina highlights the importance of drinking through a straw, as she explains it “minimises contact with your teeth.” 

If you rely on charcoal toothpaste to get your pearly whites shining, think again, as according to Dr Surina, “it’s very abrasive so will cause enamel wear.” 

And if you are suffering with toothache, Dr Surina suggests to “follow these tips religiously.”

Dr Surina’s video has clearly impressed many as it has racked up a whopping 283.5k views.

It has 10.9k likes, 143 comments and 160 shares. 

Many TikTok users were thankful for the helpful tips and took to the comments to express their appreciation. 

One person said: “Thanks for the precious informations, so gorgeous.” 

Another added: “Thanks for the information dentist.” A third commented: “I just bought a tube of charcoal toothpaste… straight in the trash it goes! Thanks for the tips!”


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