Illinois Man’s Scary Dentist Office Visit Gone Wrong

If you have a fear of the dentist for whatever reason, you might want to consider cancelling your next dental checkup after reading this Illinois man’s terrifying dental experience.

It is so rare that a dental cleaning goes wrong.  You really don’t expect anything too crazy to happen, other than maybe getting news you have a cavity!

I didn’t believe this story until I saw all the photos the Illinois man shared from his dentist’s office in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

His name is Tom Joszi.  He was in the middle of getting a tooth filling when he was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital.

Why was he sent to the hospital? Well, during the filling, Tom lightly coughed and the drill bit fell off the dentist’s tool and shot directly into Tom’s lungs. OMG.

Tom was rushed to the hospital for immediate surgery.. luckily.

They wasted no time to retrieve the drill bit from his lungs.  This is someone’s worst nightmare and Tom had to experience it first hand.  Scary!

If the doctor couldn’t get the drill bit from his lungs, he could have lost part of his lung completely.  Take a look at the photo of this thing, I can’t believe how big it is!

Yes, that is the real photo of the piece lodged deep inside Tom’s lung.

Eventually, doctors used a device designed for removing foreign objects that’s meant for detecting cancer, so Tom’s lung didn’t have to be removed after all! PHEW.

If you thought it looked giant in the x-ray scan, this is what it looked like when removed from his lung.

Honestly, I would frame it and keep it as a souvenir.  What a crazy story to tell people when they ask why you have this haha.

The drill bit was nearly 2 inches long, I’m getting shivers just looking at it.  I’ve never been afraid of the dentist before, but this freak incident really makes me not want to go back ever again. Knowing me, this would happen.

Fortunately, Tom survived and made a full recovery.  It’s so wild how a simple dentist visit turned into a horrifying experience!  We’re just happy he didn’t have to get his lung removed, that’s all that matters!

If you’re thinking of going to the dentist anytime soon just remember anything can happen anywhere.  This is probably a 1 in a million chance it will happen to you (if that makes you feel better)!

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