O’NEILL, Neb. — A dentistry in northeast Nebraska offered a free dentist visit for local veterans. 

Jessen Family Dentistry and Hygiene has been offering free dental cleanings for veteran’s every year for the last four years.

Dr. Jon Jessen, dentist for Jessen Family Dentistry and Hygiene said they do this to try to take care of as many dental needs as they can for area veterans throughout the day. 

Jessen said that his motivation for starting Free Veterans Dental Day was because he has family members that are veterans.

“I have some veterans in my family,” Jessen said. “My dad’s a veteran, and we just live in a great country that allows us a lot of freedoms.”

For Jessen, he said it’s a way they can give back. 

Veteran Duane Vosler said volunteers at the clinic to help in any way that he could. 

The Dental Day will go until 4:30.p.m. Friday.