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Congratulations for reading this far! Who wishes that Thanksgiving came one week earlier so that Christmas could encompass an extra week of stress? Sorry — rather an extra week of preparation and enjoyment. I need another week before Christmas to slow down and enjoy listening to Wham’s “Last Christmas” and that Mariah Carey tune (whatever it’s called) 18 times each day. And Paul McCartney’s worst song ever (you know which one).

Moving along, I suppose it would be proper to write about that for which I am thankful during this coming holiday season. I’ll do what I can in the most curmudgeonly way that I can. I am aware that I’ve so much to be thankful for. I’m thankful that our new puppy’s teeth aren’t any sharper than they currently are (“jaws of death”) and that my wife is skillful at repairing ripped clothing. Also, the makers of bandages and antibiotic ointments have my eternal thanks. I am thankful that Frederick has three Wawa stores, all in proximity to my dentist. I sometimes wonder if there is a correlation of dentist visits with Wawa visit frequency? Ha! Certainly not (love your donuts, by the way).


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