Don’t let Halloween lead to dentist office nightmare

My sister and I always joke that we got the “bad teeth” genes.

It seems like no matter how often we brush or floss, despite the fact that I go to the dentist twice a year religiously for cleanings and floss regularly — despite the fact that my sister is actually married to a dentist — we’ve got “bad” teeth.

During a recent X-ray scan of my teeth, my mouth seemingly lit up like a Christmas tree in the image, reflecting all the crowns I have in my mouth. I don’t splurge on much, but when it comes to dental work, my mouth hasn’t been cheap.

Perhaps it is because I’ve always had a sweet tooth and our dad would often get us whatever candy or soda we wanted on weekends with him when we were kids. Perhaps it’s because of all the sweet tea I drank in college at the sorority house.


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