Dentist reveals that dark chocolate can actually be good for your teeth

TAKING care of your teeth is important, and much advice is given to avoid high-sugar foods to help keep them healthy.

Therefore you would probably think all chocolate would be bad for your pearly whites, but one dentist has said a particular type of chocolate actually does provide some small benefits.

Dr Khaled Kasem, Chief Orthodontist of invisible orthodontics chain Impress, has given advice on what type can actually be good for your teeth.

This is alongside detail on what type of chocolate is considered the worst for teeth health.

South Wales Argus: Dark chocolate can be good for your teeth, according to one dentist (Canva)Dark chocolate can be good for your teeth, according to one dentist (Canva) (Image: Canva)

What type of chocolate is good for your teeth?

Dr Kasem has said that dark chocolate is considered the best for your teeth health as it helps fight the bacteria in your mouth that turns sugar into acid.

He said: “It might come as a surprise for a dentist to be encouraging you to eat chocolate, however dark chocolate is known to have many benefits and preventing tooth decay is one of them.

“Not only this, but it also helps to fight the bacteria that causes the sugar to turn into acid and contains strong antibacterial agents.

“The darker the better when it comes to choosing a dark chocolate, and it even helps prevent bad breath so it’s an all-round favourite treat for dentists!”

What chocolate is the worst for your teeth?

For types to avoid Dr Kasem said that chocolate-covered fruit can cause a lot of problems for your teeth.

This is because sugar is added to the fruit as it is dried, so it adds a whole lot more to a bar it is included in.

White and milk chocolate are considered the worse for causing problems for your tooth health.

South Wales Argus: White chocolate is considered quite bad for your teeth (Canva)White chocolate is considered quite bad for your teeth (Canva) (Image: Canva)

Dr Kasem said: “White chocolate is especially renowned for its high sugar content and is the least nutritious of them all. Both, white and milk chocolate have a much lower percentage of cacao and you’ll find that the rest of the chocolate bar is made up of powdered milk and high amounts of sugar.

“The excessive amount of sugar in this kind of chocolate supports bacteria growth in your mouth. The bacteria turn the sugar in your mouth into acid, which then causes cavities and tooth decay, therefore damaging your teeth.

“It’s best to enjoy this chocolate as little and often as you can. However, if you really want to enjoy some white or milk chocolate, the best time to eat the chocolate is after dinner, with a glass of water, so that the other foods and water neutralise the sugars and reduce the risk of causing tooth decay.”


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