Dentist offering free screenings for first responders | News

A Gloucester dental practice is offering a free dental screening to local first responders this Thursday.

Besides job-related stress, local police, firefighters, and other first responders have faced the risk of contracting COVID-19 on the job during the pandemic. Lipkowitz Dental Associates, 2 Magnolia Ave., would like to give these frontline workers a chance to consider their own health as well as that of others.

“We have been so impressed by the efforts of first responders during the pandemic and I personally know many of them who have been neglecting themselves,” said Dr. Rob Lipkowitz.

“Dental health is generally a reflection of someone’s overall health,” Lipkowitz said. “A dental screening can save a life in more ways than one. I’ve had many patients come into the practice, and over time make their gums healthy again while reducing the risk for problems like cardiovascular disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease by lowering levels of inflammation and bacteria in the body. Most importantly, people are generally not aware of the prevalence and warning signs of oral cancer. Simply conducting a screening really improves the chances that a positive diagnosis can be treated early.”

The free dental screenings, complete with bite-wing X-rays, will last approximately 30 minutes per patient. Appointments for OCT. 21, can be scheduled online through the Lipkowitz Dental Associates’ website:


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