Dentist at Dalhousie University wins award for work in Dentistry

HALIFAX: A Brazillian dentist, studying at Dalhousie University received the Mitacs Award for Outstanding Innovation in Ottawa.

Dr Cristiane Maucoski’s conducted a project on light-curing devices for resin-based composite fillings which was to improve the mechanical strength of composite fillings and allow for a longer-lasting composite filling.

“The idea came from necessity because the treatment of oral disease accounts for the third-highest health expenditure among non-communicable diseases,” she said. 

Manufacturers produce several different qualities and types of composite and light curing devices, Dr Cristiane’s project focused on finding one of each quality and type that would be the best match, to produce a longer-lasting filling.

Mitacs is a Canadian national non-profit organisation that brings together researchers and the private sector in collaborations to solve “organisational challenges,” both in Canada and abroad. The Maucoski’s, award received by Dr Cristiane was in the international field.


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