Dental patient dies in PU hospital after being given local anaesthesia

ANOTHER DEATH due to local anaesthesia, administered before a medical procedure, was reported in Chandigarh Wednesday, after a 30-year-old patient died at Dr Harvansh Singh Judge (HSJ) Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital, Sector 25, Panjab University. The victim was identified as Shrimati, a resident of Sector 80 in Mohali.

The victim had gone to the hospital with her husband Sooraj (34) around 10 am.

Police seized the lignocaine and adrenaline injections, which were given to the victim and started an investigation.

A special panel of doctors will conduct the postmortem of the body at GMSH 16 on Thursday.

Sources said that after administering the local anaesthesia on her gums, she was asked to sit for a few moments.

Subsequently, the woman started complaining of uneasiness and breathlessness.

The doctors called senior physicians, who gave cardiopulmonary resuscitation to the patient. After one hour, the patient was declared dead.

Sooraj, the victim’s husband, is a plumber and they live in Mohali.

Sources said, “They went to the hospital in the morning as his wife, a mother of three, was complaining of a toothache for many days. After getting local anesthesia, she fell unconscious and was given a glucose drip. At around 12.30 pm, he was called by a senior faculty member of the hospital and was informed that his wife had died. Sooraj added that he wanted to take the body to his village, but the police took the body to GMSH-16 for postmortem and the report will be received only on Thursday”.

In a statement issued in the evening, Prof Hemant Batra, Director-Principal of HSJ Institutes of Dental Sciences and Hospital, said, “A lady patient of around 30 years of age came at 10 am for her teeth extraction. She was given local anesthesia and immediately the patient complained of discomfort and breathlessness, to which the senior doctors were called-in, who tried the CPR for more than an hour. But unfortunately the patient couldn’t be revived. An anaesthetist, medicine consultant, along with various senior dental surgeons were on duty”. At present, it looks like the case of acute pulmonary edema and cause of death is cardiopulmonary
arrest, it was said.

Sources said that as the information spread, many patients left the hospital without getting treatment.

A DDR was lodged at Sector 11 police station.


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