DD2 rolls out new program to increase access to dental care for students

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCSC) – A Lowcountry school district has rolled out a new program to bring dental care to tens of thousands of students, regardless of insurance.

All 26,000 Dorchester School District Two students are eligible for a new program designed to increase access to dental care for students who may not be able to see a dentist otherwise.

The district has partnered with Dental Access Carolina for the program, which will come at no cost to the district.

Director of Nursing Services Amanda Santamaria said parents will be notified up to a week prior to the mobile clinic visiting their child’s school and reminded a day before the clinic arrives.

Students must need approval from a parent or guardian before they can receive care during school hours.

Santamaria said the program was first talked about prior to the pandemic.

The district felt it was the right time to roll out the program since students are back learning face-to-face.

“We’re hopeful parents will take advantage of it and will be a valuable resource for our students,” Santamaria said. “We really feel like it’s a win-win for them because it’s removing a lot of those barriers to dental care and providing our students who may not have an easy way to see a dentist with an opportunity to do that during the school day in a way that’s convenient for them and their families.”

This program is built on a mutual partnership between the district and Dental Access Carolina. The district hopes it could become a permanent program soon.

The district has created a page for parents to find consent forms and more information about the program.


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