Children In Papua New Guinea Gain From Kiwi Dental Grant

Children in Papua New Guinea have benefited thanks to a
US$5000 grant from the Mars Wrigley Foundation and the New
Zealand Dental Association (NZDA).

Dr Yvonne Golpak,
an Otago University Doctor of Clinical Dentistry graduate,
now with the University of Papua New Guinea as a Specialist
in Paediatric Dentistry and Dr Naomi Asing, Community and
Preventive Dentist at Port Moresby General Hospital are the
team leaders.

“This school based dental visit was
mainly targeted for the Motu – Koitabu children,” said Dr

The team visited three selected schools Butuka
Academy School, Koki Primary School, and Hagara Primary

“We brought dental health care to where it
is inaccessible and oral health awareness is lacking. It was
pleasing to provide dental treatment and oral health
education to the children of Motu – Koitabu,” said Dr

A total of 609 children across the three
schools were checked. Oral health education was provided,
individually and in classrooms. In total 65 children across
the three schools who had parent consent and gave assent
received dental treatment onsite. Most were given referrals
to present to the Port Moresby dental clinic due to
complexity of the oral health condition and dental

“We are immensely grateful to the Mars
Wrigley Foundation and the New Zealand Dental Association
for their support,” concluded Dr

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