Candy swap offers dentists a way to promote good hygiene

Some dental offices in southern Alberta are offering kids a bit of cash for their unwanted candy, in an effort to support a good cause and share a message about good hygiene.

A buy back campaign in Lethbridge, hosted by the Choice Dental Group, is exchanging money and prizes for the candy brought into one of the organization’s two locations.

Organizers say children will earn a dollar for each pound of candy as well as a chance to win a party at Lethbridge’s Movie Mill for their entire class.

All of the candy collected through the initiative won’t be thrown out – it’s being donated to the Canadian Armed Forces to be distributed to members this Christmas.

Those working with the campaign say it’s something they are glad to be a part of.

“We’re happy to support our community,” said Dr. Scott Walburger, one of the dentists at Lethbridge Dental Services South, one of the offices involved.

“It’s something that we started about 15 years ago – buying the kids’ candy back, trying to cut down on the ‘sugar bugs’ for the kids and trying to support our troops and give them something to look forward to every year.”

The campaign runs until 5 p.m. on Wednesday at Lethbridge Dental Services South and Crossings Dental.

Meanwhile, Calgary dentist offices are also involved in similar campaigns, playing off of the ‘Switch Witch’ concept, where children can swap some or all of their unwanted candy for something else.


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