BlueM International appoints Dr Hamdan Alghamdi to its scientific board

WIJHE, Netherlands: Dutch dental company BlueM International recently announced that Dr Hamdan Alghamdi has joined its scientific board. The appointment was made public during the 29th congress of the European Association for Osseointegration by Dr Minas Leventis, president of the BlueM scientific board, together with CEO Nathalie Beck.

According to BlueM, clinical validation and scientific research are at the core of the company, since it offers not only a line of professional oral care products but also specialised solutions for promoting wound healing in the mouth by the slow release of oxygen to increase soft-tissue oxygen saturation.

While studying for his PhD at Radboud University in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, Dr Alghamdi had the opportunity to learn a surgical technique which uses iliac crest bone grafting for sinus augmentation from Dr Peter Blijdorp, the founder of BlueM. At the same time, Dr Blijdorp introduced him to the concept of topical oxygen therapy. Dr Alghamdi is still affiliated with the Radboud University Medical Centre as a visiting researcher at the Department of Dentistry in the areas of biomaterials and oral implantology and continues to conduct scientific research and publish new studies on his findings. As Dr Alghamdi has a background in the osseointegration of dental implants and oral implant rehabilitation, his scientific expertise will be the perfect catalyst for BlueM to continue to advance, the company said.

“I remember that we used the oxygenating gel* in 2007 with some surgical cases for dental implant rehabilitation and bone augmentation,” said Dr Alghamdi. “I have followed the company’s evolution ever since, and I am pleased to be playing a part in this. In my opinion, it is a breakthrough in the dental industry,” he added.

Having been used for over ten years in the dental industry, BlueM’s oral care products are now available in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Editorial note:

* This is available as BlueM oral gel.


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