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With over half of U.S. adults having trouble affording basic healthcare costs, TuaPay offers an embedded flexible, fixed payment ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ solution

Can you imagine being unable to get your children the urgent dental care they need? Bringing affordable, accessible & life-enhancing payment options to everyone is the TuaPay way.”

Frank Monaco, COO and President, TuaPay

UNITED STATES, November 1, 2022 / — With Halloween recording the highest amount of candy consumption across the U.S., it stands to reason that November 1st would mark National Brush Day to reinforce the importance of oral healthcare. Unfortunately, more and more families are unable to afford dental coverage or are opting out of urgent care due to cost of living increases affecting their ability to pay for life’s essentials. TuaPayTM is solving this issue affecting millions of Americans by providing an affordable, accessible, and life-enhancing payment solution.

This issue is not only affecting lower income families and the uninsured. A recent study shows that 47% of U.S. adults with higher income and/or health insurance say that it is very difficult for them to afford their health care costs. Dental practitioners and their valued customers both seek an affordable solution that will allow access to essential services like dental care.

Tua Financial Technologies has reimagined payment flexibility with their TuaPay solution. Partnering with dental offices, TuaPay allows consumers to purchase essential services in fixed payments over time. Statistics show that 56% of consumers prefer this form of payment to credit cards and is forecasted to reach $1 trillion in transactions by 2025. (Source: The Financial Brand, The Ascent, CR Research).

“Can you imagine being unable to get your children the urgent dental care they need?” shared Frank Monaco, COO and President, TuaPay. “As a parent of three myself I can’t begin to tell you how much it concerns me. This is part of what drives TuaPay. Making essential expenses effortless with practical payment solutions and bringing affordable, accessible, and life-enhancing payment options to everyone is the TuaPay way. National Brush Day is not only the perfect opportunity to remind families of oral healthcare, but also to let those same families know that TuaPay is here to help.”

The concept of lending services has been around for years, however TuaPay is taking the concept one step further by offering a fully transparent solution with flexible term lengths and rates, and by offering their solutions at dental offices across the country. Ask your local dentist if they offer TuaPay as an option.

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